ON THE TILES - Contemporary Decoupage On the Tiles creates a range of handcrafted items including tiles, placemats, coasters, trays, brooches, crosses, plaques and mirrors. We are based in Melbourne, Australia. Our work is sold at selected Makers Markets, as well as specialty galleries and shops.
The style is contemporary to trends with a large variety of designs to choose from and coordinate with decor needs. Australian flora and fauna are popular designs especially for overseas gifts and visitors. Scenes of Melbourne, such as our unique city lanes and arcades, are another favorite for locals as well as ex-pats living elsewhere. We use a new technique of Decoupage to create items that feature contemporary hand painted images enhanced with acrylic paint in vibrant, rich colours. An epoxy resin finish produces hardened, heatproof surfaces so that items can be used on the table and in the kitchen or bathroom.